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You can make money pulling pranks
and practical jokes.

Don't believe me? I did it for six years and pulled in $200-$300.00 dollars a day consistently the entire time. Weekends would bring in a couple thousand dollars. Yes that's right I was a Professional Practical Joker. I did over 4500 custom designed practical jokes and pranks in and around Washington, D.C. and had a blast doing it. I was even interviewed by radio and TV stations all over the world and being in the business launched my professional speaking career which makes even more money. You can do it too.

I wrote up all my how-to-do-it prank and practical joke details in this special business report

Pranks for Profit:
How to Run a Profitable Practical Joke Company

In this immediately downloadable E Book you will learn:

  • How to do the crazy acts including, clumsy waiter, impostor guest speaker, pain in the neck customer and many more.

  • Where to find performers to help you.

  • How to get away with "Nasty" jokes

  • How to do TelePhone pranks

  • About Fake IDs and Fake Documentation

  • How to advertise cheaply and get FREE publicity.

  • How to expand to doing comedy strip teases and bachelor parties.


Get the pranks and practical joke information right now and be in the practical joke business tomorrow. You can work a practical joke business right from your bedroom office if you want part time or full time.

This jampacked fully illustrated download is only $17.00 in Adobe PDF format. Click here to order.