VIP Video Day at
The Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center

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Brand New Two Day Format

Friday & Saturday, July 29th (only 5 Slots Available)
Bring the Whole Family for a weekend at the beach


You'll get professional level video training that you can easily implement in your home or office.

DAY 1:

Morning Video Shoot:
Arrival 8:30 AM. With starting time 9:00 AM. You will have up to an hour to shoot video in our High Def Studio.

You can shoot traffic driving videos, welcome videos, training videos, demonstration videos, or just about any kind of video you want. These videos will be edited for you with graphics added and sent to you within two weeks. You will also observe the other attendees which is a learning experience in itself.

Working lunch with Tom at the Retreat Center.

Afternoon Classes:
1. Video Marketing - You will learn a ton of tips to take advantage of the enormous amount of traffic you could get from YouTube.

2. Video in Social Media - Discover all the ways both paid and free you can use your videos and other people's videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

3. Basic Video Editing - Tom's never been in favor of businesspeople learning video editing. For high level results it really takes a professional who does it every day. HOWEVER, it's ridiculous for you to pay a fortune, wait weeks, and miss opportunities because you can't do simple things. In this session you'll learn how to:

  • Do extremely simple edits on your phone or tablet

  • Get video off your phone or tablet into your laptop/computer for "real" editing. (Mac users already have Imovie. PC people will need to purchase the cheapest version of 'Vegas')

  • Put in text.

  • Make Lower Thirds (Text and graphic across the bottom of the screen.)

  • Make Transitions between scenes

  • Put in a still Photo

    These simple skills can make you and save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours waiting around for a video editor to overcharge you for them.

Working dinner with Tom

Evening Session:

Tom will teach you Hollywood lighting tricks to make you look WAY better than you already do hahaha. PLUS you'll see all kinds of inexpensive gadgets to make your video productions WAY better than they are now.


Attendees Will Learn in the Morning Session:

  • All about video cameras . . . from flip cams to semi-pro.

  • Hollywood lighting techniques . . . how to look like a million bucks on a totally shoestring budget like the video you see just below.

  • How to make a $50,000.00 production about you and your company for only pennies on the dollar....a video like this will help you SMASH your competitors.

  • All about video equipment like tripods, lights, microphones, ear prompters, clamps, diffusion, gels, etc.. . . what you need and what you don't need and how to buy it cheaply

  • How to do Tom's "Walking Head" videos . . . It looks like you have a professional crew of six people during your shoot, but shhhhhhh. Do'nt tell anyone. It's just you and a $25.00 gadget.

  • Ipad Teleprompter Training . . . you'll learn the tricks of doing longer videos in just one take.

  • Why you should avoid Green Screen . . . you can make much more spectacular pictures with a construction light from Home Depot and a piece of cardboard . . . We'll show you how.

  • Whether the equipment you have is worth using or not . . . bring it along and we'll evaluate it for you.

PLUS, as always, Tom will teach you Much, Much, More along with many Hollywood tips and tricks.

Lunch With Tom at the Retreat Center

You'll have a working lunch in Tom's house where you will discuss your upcoming afternoon of shooting actual videos.

Afternoon Video Shoot

You'll learn professional Hollywood techniques to make FANTASTIC looking video.

You'll learn how to make a very versatile set like this and lots more when you attend VIP Video Day at the Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center

In addition to all the video, equipment and lighting training, each person will have a full hour to shoot traffic driving videos, welcome-to-my-website videos and instructional videos. You will be coached in advance of your visit on content and style and wardrobe.

We will edit the videos and send them to you the following week. We can put your website, phone number etc. on your videos and coach you on getting them on your website and YouTube.

You'll Learn to Make Tom's "Walking Head" Videos like the sample below.


You'll Also Learn to Make Fantastic In Car Videos (I'm not responsible if you crash so be careful). The second part of the video below made me about $23,000.00 in two days.


All this for only $699.00 which includes lunch, pre-arrival consultation and editing of the videos you shoot while you're here.

You'll end up with high quality, edited videos ready to put on your website and/or load up to video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo.


CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR July 29th (3 Slots Left)

Note: I'm sure you realize this is an exclusive opportunity and is non-refundable if you cancel unless we are able to rebook your empty slot.

Note: If you have a group of 4 or more we will arrange a custom date for you.

Questions? Call Tom's office 757-431-1366 or his cell at 301-346-7403