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How to Make Video Landing Pages
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Mike Stewart AKA the Internet Audio Guy and Tom Antion tell you all about using video when people hit your site to grab attention and deliver your message to people who don't want to read.
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How to Star in Your Own Infomercial
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Jeff Hockings has made a fortune using low budget infomercials running on leased access cable TV. See a sample at . Learn how: How you can run a half hour show on major leased access networks for as little as $15.00 for a half hour. . ..and sometimes you can run it for zero bucks. * How Jeff made himself a celebrity running the shows constantly in his home market. * How I am structuring my show in an alternative way to make a fortune in affiliate commissions. . . my infomercial is designed to run on autopilot
bringing in money from lots of different affiliate programs so someone else has to service the customers. * PLUS fees for my personal attention and speaking engagements will go way up because of my increased celebrity status.
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How to Make a Fortune with Video . . . Even if you don't have a website

Tom really lays it on you for more two hours with very detailed and high content information on using video as a promotional tool and as a product. Lots of samples and detailed content of what to buy, where to get it and how to use it. You also get his raw production notes and lots of links to download immediately.
(142 minutes) $39.95
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How to Start and Run a Super Profitable Mentor Program

You will be able to reach and help far more people and make a lot more money helping others do what you know how to do.
(60 minutes) $39.95
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How to Make Money and Promote Yourself with Your Digital Camera
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You will learn: * How to avoid the 5 biggest mistakes when choosing a digital camera . . . you'll never regret your purchase decision again. * 3 critical factors you must know about before you buy your next digital camera . . . you'll know how to pick the right camera for you. * When you bring out your old film camera . . . believe it or not it still has value. * 5 things you can do immediately to improve the quality of your photos . . . taking poor photos will never make you any money. You'll know exactly what to do to take great shots. * The 5 important
camera accessories you need to make plain photos great . . . man does not live by camera alone. A few extra gadgets will make your life easier and your photos awesome. * 3 innovative ways to use your camera to get more business . . . we bet you never thought of these. * How to share & reproduce your photos for fun and profit  and how speakers can use digital photos.
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