Tom Antion, the owner of this site, is a well known professional keynote speaker and expert presentation skills and Internet marketing coach . Tom has presented at 90 chapter events and 6 national events for the prestigious National Speakers Association where he is the one called when other professional speakers want to learn how to make their audience's say WOW! AND to learn how to market their small business on the Internet.

Tom is much more than a coach. He has actually lived what he teaches. He is a veteran of over 3000 paid presentations worldwide. Tom has presented to both small and large groups in over 87 industries. He also sells an enormous amount of products and services on the Internet and publishes the largest E-magazine in the world on Public Speaking. When it comes to creating massive impact in business presentations Tom knows what he is talking about.

Tom's program and materials will cut five years off a speaker's learning curve.  
Cavett Robert, Founder, National Speakers Association

Professional Speaking Book

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