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Antion Success Method
This CD is rated "R" for harsh and adult language (PG Version Available).

Tom really lays into you on this one. He is tired of crybabies and he is tired of the kind of children we are creating. Tom says sleep is overrated. Tom says delegation is a bunch of BS. Tom says we may just be creating the next generation of human losers. Tom also tells you the simple rules he lives by that have made him mega successful and how implementing them in your life can make you mega successful too.
$29.95 (75 Minutes)
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Business Building: 7 Steps to a 7 Figure Income
with Teresa Luquette

Teresa has built million dollar businesses and in many of them she was not even knows by the employees. She's an expert at creating systems that make your business run itself AND she helps entrepreneurs implement all the necessary building blocks to a strong foundation of a successful business.
$29.95 (2 CD Set)

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