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Reputation Management: How to Build and Protect a Great Reputation Online
This information is only for those interested in building a massive reputation on the web while reducing the chance that unfair negative attacks will have much impact.
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Increase Your Website Sales: 27 Ways to Get 'em to Buy
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I've been selling on the commercial Internet continuously for 15 years. In that time I've sold millions of dollars of products and services through many different kinds of promotions.
In this powerpacked teleclass I'm going to condense those 15 years into a hard core 1 hour + training session to teach you the exact same techniques you can use over and over to sell like a maniac online
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How to Operate a Retreat Center Out of Your Home
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I have found a unique way to 1. Buy a bigger home than you could normally afford and have other people pay your mortgage 2. Make things like swimming pools, tennis courts, home theaters, hot tubs, putting greens, gardens, food, interior and exterior home design, gorgeous kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, libraries and tons of other things legitimately tax deductible.

This is not just some hocus pocus hyped-up marketing idea I dreamed up in my sleep after eating too much chili late at night . . . this is something I have actually done for the past seven
years at the Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center in Virginia Beach, VA
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How to Get High Google Rankings with Video (CD)
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The possibility of dominating a search engine with all your sites went out the window over 10 years ago . . . UNTIL NOW. This CD teaches you how to use short videos on over 50 free video hosting sites to dominate the search results on your keywords. Tom covers every trick in the book to help you get your websites listed extremely high in Google by using these simple videos.
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How to Make Video Landing Pages
with Mike Stewart and Tom Antion
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Mike Stewart, AKA The Internet Audio/Video Guy and Tom Antion discuss the how's and why's of using short videos to attract prospects and customers like magnets. With the short attention spans of web visitors today you need to do everything you can to catch their attention. This CD shows you how simple to create videos will do that for you.

You'll also get an immediately downloadable PDF file that will give you 8 example videos to get you started while you wait for the CD to arrive.
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Improve your website: 60 Tips in 60 Minutes 
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In this recording I cover a ton of immediately usable ideas to make your website make money instead of eat money. You'll be busy making changes 5 minutes after hearing this CD.
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How to Create Quality Products Out of Nothing
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This CD is guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing to help you become a "product machine". I currently have about 65 CDs and CD albums, 3 DVD sets, 17 ebooks, 60 MP3 Files, 300 short videos sold on a membership site, 3 Books, and several systems and combos of products.
This is only a small part of my overall speaking, and mentoring business. But it's nice to know that I could quit everything else I'm doing and simply sell these products online with very little
customer interaction. I could have this money coming in whether I worked or not.
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How to Earn Super Large Passive Incomes Using Residual Affiliate Programs
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I currently get about $350,000.00 a year from residual affiliate programs. This is only a small part of my overall business, but it's nice to know that I could quit everything else I'm doing and
I would have this money coming in whether I worked or not.
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This CD is FREE with any Internet Marketing Related Purchase
How to Pick a Shopping Cart System That Makes You Money
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If you have a shopping cart already, it is most likely a piece of junk you got for free. Or, you paid some ridiculous amount of money for custom programming and the thing still won't do the things you need to make you lots of extra money. This CD will tell you what you need to know about your shopping cart and what it should be doing for you. Good systems do more than simply collect the money in real time and deposit it into your checking account. Professional shopping cart systems should sell more for you automatically, handle customer service automatically and send personalized emails and much, much, more. This CD will tell you what you need to know to make lots more money on the Internet.
FREE with any Internet Marketing Related Purchase (You don't have to do anything. We'll put the CD in with your package) OR
if this is the only product you want, just pay shipping and handling $4.95
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Internet Revenue Streams . . . 9 Ways to bring in bucks on the Web

Tom reveals the many different low cost / no cost ways you can generate income on the Internet. You also get his raw production notes to download immediately.
(72 minutes) $29.95
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Web Site Linking Strategies
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What you don't know about linking could kill your website. Note: The rules have changed and your webmaster probably doesn't know it. The rules change on the Internet and to be quite frank about it, many of the changes wouldn't hurt or help the small business website owner too much. The changes with regard to linking websites together don't fall into this insignificant category.

Links that a few months ago were just fine could now get you banned permanently from search engines because they are now called "link schemes". Any kind of link manipulation is frowned upon by search engines and proper linking is now, without question, the most important part of any online website marketing strategy. Tom gives you a revealing, insider's look at just what it takes to not only keep from getting banned, but how to push your website toward the top of the search engines.
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(2 CDs)

If you know the right technique you can capitalize on niche Internet topics that can bring you big cash flow each month with an extremely cheap one-page website. Tom will show you how to identify topics, make the simple site and even how to get someone else to write the book for you. Tom's one-page sites bring in from $35,000.00 -$43,000.00 per year.
(120 minutes) $39.95
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Weblogging For Fun and Profit: How to Start a Blog to Promote Your Business and Your Agenda

In this teleseminar recording Tom gives you all the information you need to start your own blog for free, call in audio postings from your cell phone or office phone, and how to completely bypass the email system to get your message through. You also get an immediate resource email with 49 must have links that will get you started while you are waiting for your CD to arrive. (74 minutes) $39.97
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Blog to Book: How to Write Your Book in 90 Days or Less

With the Blog Squad
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You'll never have to worry about writer's block again. You'll also never have to feel like your book is an enormous project that is just too tough to handle. By using a categorized blog you'll have your book written in no time flat.
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How to Get Enormous Amounts of Online Publicity

Publicity Guru Alex Carroll interviews Tom Antion as he explores the ways you can use the web to gain massive amounts of publicity for yourself and your business.
2 CD Set (120 Minutes)
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How to Run Your Own Successful Internet Radio Show

Martin Wales gives you a primer on what it takes to do your Internet Radio Show and how to become a celebrity in your niche.
$19.95 (63 Minutes)
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How to Use Short Articles (That you didnít even write yourself) To Sell tons of Products and Services and Create a Totally Passive Income Stream

Whether you like to write or not you can make a fortune using short articles in your business. If you donít have a business yet, this is one of the least complicated and easiest ways to get started.
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Ebay: The Real Truth of making a fortune online

Tom interviews Adam Ginsberg a Titanium Power Seller on ebay (this is Ebay's highest sales category). Adam reveals many of the secrets he uses everyday to pull in the bucks with almost total automation and very little risk.
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How to Start and Run a Super Profitable Mentor Program

You will be able to reach and help far more people and make a lot more money helping others do what you know how to do.
(60 minutes) $39.95
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How to Create a Kick Butt Electronic Magazine
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Ezines are not dead, savvy marketers are still using them to reach and connect with prospects. Tom (and most marketers that know how to make money) is still using a plain text ezine to get through the spam filters and reach the most people possible. This CD shows you how to do
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15 CD Album

Butt Camp CDs

(15 CD Album - 14.5 Hours)
Two full days with Tom. You will learn the simple, non-technical techniques Tom has used to become an Internet multimillionaire. These techniques have been taught to thousands of other small businesspeople to help them make their online operations thrive.
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Advanced Butt Camp CDs
(4 CD Album - 270 minutes)
This is the first time Tom has bared all and told all his advanced tricks, techniques and super sneaky (yet ethical) ways he has become an Internet multimillionaire. You should be making money already on the web before you buy this album.
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Butt Camp CD

(multimedia training CD on Internet Marketing)

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