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Media Star Power: How To Become a Celebrity and a Media Darling
All at the Same Time
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Judy Jernudd has interviewed the stars and she will tell you how to bring the charisma and star power they have to your business. You'll learn insider tips on how to handle easy and tough media interviews on radio, TV and print. Judy has "been there and done that" as she was a talk show host and on camera personality for 12 years in Los Angeles the number 2 market in the world. She knows what makes a great guest and she reveals it along with a bunch of great stories.
( 74 minutes) $29.95
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(2 CDs)
How to Make $2000.00 a Minute Doing Radio Interviews
Radio guru Alex Carroll who has sold millions of dollars of books on the radio gives you two straight hours of rapid fire tips and tricks on how to get on the radio and how to sell a ton when you get there.
$39.95 (120 Minutes)
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Kick the Ears of Your Audience: How to Be GREAT on the Radio
Tom Antion interviews one of the all time radio great talk show hosts Joel Roberts. Joel never planned on being a media trainer, but a debilitating eardrum accident knocked him off the radio. Joel gives deep insider tips on how creating "Heat" not "Light" will make you a media darling.  . . . You'll be on the air longer and shows will call you for repeat bookings. $29.95 (60 minutes)
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Kick through Your Database to Sell Tons of Products and Services on the Radio
Tom Antion interviews Joe Sabah who, at the time of this Interview, has sold nearly half a million dollars of just one of his books by doing radio Interviews. $29.95 (60 minutes)
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How to Get Enormous Amounts of Online Publicity
Publicity Guru Alex Carroll interviews Tom Antion as he explores the ways you can use the web to gain massive amounts of publicity for yourself and your business.
2 CD Set (120 Minutes)
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How to Run Your Own Successful Internet Radio Show
Martin Wales gives you a primer on what it takes to do your Internet Radio Show and how to become a celebrity in your niche.
$19.95 (63 Minutes)
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Kick Up a Media Storm: How to Get FREE or REALLY CHEAP Publicity

With special guest  "The Publicity Hound" Joan Stewart

You don't have to pay for publicity. There are plenty of places begging for your story. Do you know where they are and how to approach them? Joan Stewart does. After 20 years as an editor of three daily newspapers and a weekly business paper, Joan has heard thousands of pitches from people who want to get their story in print. Find out what works and what doesn't in this power packed idea hour with Joan Stewart.

$29.95 (62 Minutes)
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Get Massive Amounts of Free Publicity for Less than the Price of Lunch
With special guest  Paul Hartunian
(2 Tape Set)
Famous publicity entrepreneur Paul Hartunian (the man who sold the Brooklyn Bridge) bares all with the easy system he has to have reporters beating down your door. (120 minutes) $39.95
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Kick Start Your Media Marketing: How to Get Speaking
Clients to Call You
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Tom has never cold called anyone and he says you'd have to hold a gun to his head to get him to pick up the phone and call anyone to "beg for work". Tom spends his time creating situations where speaking clients see him in the media. They either hear him on the radio, see him on TV, or read about him in magazines, newspapers and trade publications. The people that call want to know if they can afford him and if he's available. This is a far cry from cold calling where it appears you are groveling for work. This CD tells you Tom's methods to get speaking clients to call him.
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