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Media consultant Joan Stewart and Media magnet Tom Antion have really done it this time. In this brand new breakthrough E-book they have revealed all the little known secrets of generating millions of dollars of free publicity that can propel you and your business to superstardom.

Imagine yourself as the guest on a national news show. You’re being asked for your expert opinion with millions of people watching. Or maybe your story or article just got published in a publication with 3 million circulation. Your phone starts to ring, and ring and ring. This kind of success is not hard to achieve if you know the insider tricks of the trade.   

When you are "exposed" in the media--whether it be radio, TV, or print--your credibility skyrockets. When people are considering hiring you or buying your products their minds are saying, "He MUST be good if he was on TV" or "Her products MUST be valuable if they were featured in the newspaper."

As a newspaper editor for 22 years Joan Stewart has seen every kind of news pitch imaginable . . . from a simple press release to an elaborate balloon popping waste of money. . . . In this time-tested tip collection she shows you just what you have to do (with the smallest possible budget) to catch the attention of the media of your choice and create a situation where they can’t help but cover your story.

Tom Antion is a hard-core media personality. He has been on every major broadcast network in the world. Even The Tokyo Today Show had Tom as a guest. He’s had repeat feature articles in all kinds of national publications including four in the Washington Post. Most recently, MSNBC featured Tom commenting on President Bush and Inc. Magazine picked one of Tom’s websites as “Best-of-the-Web. When Tom wants coverage he gets it. In fact, he has backed off his media blitz because he can’t keep up with the workload it generates. All his get-on-the-air tips are exposed in this giant 300-page reference manual.


You’ll get:

  • A complete “how to use this book” section. You won’t have to fumble around learning how to use an e-book.

  • The tools you need to start your publicity campaign.

  •  Advice from editors and news directors on how to catch their attention.

  •  Locations of the best books, tapes, special reports and other resources to help you.

  • The inside scoop on being a guest on radio talk shows all over the country without leaving your home or office.

  • Enticing story angles that catch the media’s attention.

  • The right and wrong ways to pitch your ideas to media people

  • The dos and don’ts of forming strong relationships with the media

  • Preparation techniques for and interviews with reporters

  • Tips for tying public speaking and free publicity together

  • Proven advice for writing articles for other publications

  • Instructions on building an online media room

  • Secrets for recycling your publicity

 . . . and LOTS more.

 You’ll learn:

  • To define your media goals. Tom wasted lots of his early media exposure because he didn’t have this key issue down. You won’t make the same mistakes. . . . A 9 step plan will lead you to paydirt

  •  A 17 Step plan to help you find out who wants to hear from you. . . .  there’s no sense pitching to the wrong people.

  • How to create a media database . . . quick access to the right people means you can strike when the media is primed for your story.

  • How to tie your product or service into hot news topics so you can get “on the air” NOW . . . in many cases you’ll be on the same day you pitch the idea

  • 22 Ways to develop story ideas about your business. . . . If you can’t find an idea here you may as well close your doors.

  • The 4 main ways to pitch a story. . . . This is not rocket science anybody with no budget and no experience can do it.

  • How to write a 4 paragraph pitch letter . . . we tell you what to write. You just plug in your info.

  • 4 Ways to form great relationships with reporters

  • 12 Magic Phrases to Use with the Media.  . . . You’ll know the things to say that are music to the ears of a journalist.

  •  4 things that will get you on the Media’s number one enemy list. . . .  Do any one of these things and you may as well turn yourself in to the FBI.

The basic news release is the standard by which the media operates . . . botch this up and you have little chance of consistent success. . . do it right and the media world is yours.

Included in this E-book are:

  • Joan’s famous 89 reasons to send a news release.

  • How to write a news release

  • The 7 Deadly Sins of News Releases

  • Sample news release

  •  7 BONEHEAD mistakes that will send your release hurtling toward the garbage can.

  • 5 Other websites to help you make your news release news worthy

  • 22 Links to the hottest media directories that exist today so you’ll know where to send your release.

With this vast array of checklists you’ll have an immediate guide every time a media opportunity presents itself . . . Remember . . . the media won’t wait for you to figure out what to do. They want it NOW!

  • 25 point checklist on creating stories the media wants to hear. . . . There is something for everyone here.

  • 10 point checklist on being a GREAT source for journalists. . . . You’ll learn how to make them call you.

  • 5 point checklist to tell you exactly what editors want. . . . You’ll never make beginner’s mistakes again.

  • 5 Point superlist on “How to follow up with editors.” . . . They’re superbusy so YOU have to know how to keep after them without being a pest.

  • 8 Email blunders that will get you deleted . . . permanently

  • 5 Point checklist for pitching widely read Business Journals . . . these journals blanket the nation and can jumpstart your media efforts

  • 6 point checklist for PREPARING for a media interview . . . you must be prepared or you’ll likely get blindsided.

  • 6 point checklist on how to act DURING a media interview . . . Now’s the time to shine. Do you know the little tricks that make you look and sound great?

  • 5 point checklist on what to do AFTER a media interview . . . increase your chances of being a repeat guest dramatically with these tips.

  • 6 point checklist for appearing on TV . . . you better be ready for this media or it could make you look really stupid.

  • 10 Point checklist for writing for E-zines . . .Electronic messages have an entirely different set of rules. Learn them and take advantage of reaching millions on the Internet.

  • 4 point checklist to becoming a syndicated columnist . . .  when people hear from you regularly they become believers and buy what you’re selling.

  • 15 point checklist for writing white papers . . . can’t wait to be published? You don’t have to with this credibility-building vehicle.

  • 16 point checklist on preparing for your professional photo. . . get the best YOU on film.

  • 8 point checklist on pitching photo ideas . . . there is a whole different world of photo journalistic ideas. Learn how to tap this little know source of publicity?

  • 9 point checklist on dealing with photos professionally. . . Learn to make sure your brilliant photo idea doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

  • 13 point checklist on using reprints . . . make your free publicity pay off over and over and over.

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Joel Roberts
How to Get and Give Great Radio Interviews.
A very revealing interview with former talk show host on one of the largest stations in the world and media trainer Joel Roberts. Joel is the best of the best and you’ll see some shocking insider information he relates to Tom during the interview.

You’ll learn from Joel:

  • Why heat is more important than light

  • How to create the radio hook

  • Why you have to do this yourself

  • How to explode a myth to get on the air

  • How to find a problem to which YOU are the answer

  • Why the radio station DOES NOT want you in the studio

  • What Joel did to help Kenny Loggins and The Chicken Soup people out.

  • When to softly use verbal Aikido and when to Bust ‘em up with verbal Karate.


Joe Sabah
How to Sell Products and Services on the Radio
with Joe Sabah. Joe has sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of books on the radio from the comfort of his own home . . . in his bathrobe. In this insider’s interview he tells Tom all the tricks of the trade to get people to buy after they hear you on the radio. 

You’ll learn from Joe:

  • How to use checklists so you don’t forget to sell

  • What makes a great radio guest who is asked back

  • How to use stories and illustrations to drive home your points

  • How to be human and build rapport at the same time

  • How color can help you get on the radio in the first place

  • How to put your ordering and fulfillment process on autopilot

  • A supertrick to make sure they write down your phone number

  • How to use a media database to pitch the right people

  • Pacing your interview for maximum sales

You’ve got to know where to go to find deeper information on specific topics. This indispensable research tool has all the sources you need right at your fingertips.

You’ll get:

  • Dozens of mini case studies of how other Publicity Hounds were successful pitching the media.

  • 4 Sources for locating freelance reporters. . . . Pitch to the writers and reporters and increase your chance for acceptance 10 fold.

  • Tons of Media Resource Websites and other resources and special reports

  • A link to the number one tool for syndicating yourself on the Internet

  • 26 publicists if you want to hire some of your work out.

  • Over 100 media links that you need to know about. All your sources are conveniently located in this giant reference and education manual. 


  • How to pitch TV shows. . . . It’s a completely different animal.

  • 9 tips on making the most sales from your TV appearance.

  • How to Host Your own Cable TV Show


  • How to Write Articles to Get Free Publicity

  • 7 point "How To" Article Template  . . .Have an article ready to go TODAY

  • How to use article distribution services . . . reach millions of people with these cost effective services

  • How to get free publicity in newsletters and E-zines 

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  • How to get free publicity in opinion columns and letters to the editor.  . . . you can’t buy this space, but they will give it to you for FREE.

  • Great letter to the editor template . . . you’ll have an instant letter ready to go just by following these simple directions.

  • How to get your clients to promote you for free . . . their third party endorsement can really make your cash register ring.


  • How to use contests as a publicity Magnet . . . the media love these.

  • 4 examples of clever contests . . . these contests will get your creative juices flowing.

  • 11 tips for running great contests that will get you maximum publicity . . . do it right and it will be fun and newsworthy


  • How to use holidays to get free publicity

  • Three holiday resource guides

  • How to create your own holiday

  • How to pitch holiday related news stories


  • How to Create a Media Kit on a Shoestring Budget

  • 19 things you could put in a media kit.

  • 6 Tips on using media kits

  • Exactly what NOT to do with media kits

  • No more boring bios
    12 Questions to ask yourself BEFORE you write your Bio

  • Learn what to do and what NOT to do with media photos

  • Photo stuff
    Why you should NOT forget about the photo desk at a publication

  • 7 Ways to make the photographer hate you

  • 4 Ways to stamp out boring photos


  • 20 Off-the-Beaten-Path Publicity Ideas That Work

  • 2 Ways to recycle Your Media Exposure

  • 3 ways to make reprints

  • Instructions on how to use Polls and Surveys to get publicity

  • Instructions on how to use White Papers to get free publicity

  • 16 Media pet peeves

  • 34 Ways to tie free publicity to public speaking

  • 29 Publicity tips for Authors and Publishers

  • 32 Publicity tips for Consultants

  • 7 Tips for becoming a celebrity in your field


You’ll also get:

  • A 58 Term media glossary.  . . . Talk with the media like a pro on every encounter

  • A Sample pitch letter, and

  • A Sample news release

  • Hundreds of tips from industry insiders and people who have really landed millions of dollars in free publicity. This is no theory book. These people have done it. 

You would spend literally thousands of dollars compiling this information into a usable format yourself and that’s BEFORE even having a chance to use any of it to get free publicity.

Your time and effort should be used filling in the blanks and using the information in this e-book to get immediate and positive free publicity for you and your company. You shouldn’t be wasting your time trying to track down the how-to-do-it stuff. It’s all right here.

And do you know how much publicists cost? You can easily pay a $5,000.00 per month retainer and you will most likely be their lowest price client and get the least amount of attention. If you want help implementing your media attack, you can get a $10.00 per hour intern to follow the simple instructions in this book.

Since this E-book is immediately downloadable, you will be creating the media strategy for your business in just a few minutes from now. Just think what it will mean to your business, to you, and to your family when you consistently land free publicity for your business that could mean millions of dollars of revenue. 

Smart “Kick Butt Publicity Hounds” don’t spend their hard earned dollars on one-time expensive ads in print or on the radio. They spend their hard earned dollars on themselves and their families while the media happily gives them millions of dollars in free publicity . . . .if they just know how to present themselves properly. 

This e-book is dedicated to helping you make that presentation properly. Thousands of hours of hard work, mistakes and research went into How to Be a Kick Butt Publicity Hound so you don’t have to pay the price. Joan and Tom paid it for you. Your laughably low and extremely wise investment for this breakthrough information is only $97.00.

As you may or may not know, Tom and Joan have been concentrating on digitally delivered information for the past year. Not only are they saving trees by getting this information out in digital format, they are reducing their costs for shipping and labor and the savings are passed on to you. Both Tom and Joan are respected worldwide for the quality of their information and both are dedicated to making cost effective tools for small business people that really work.

Get your copy of How to Be a Kick Butt Publicity Hound right now totally at our risk. As with all our products your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you can’t find at least 10 techniques in this book that will work for your business, then we don’t want you to pay.

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