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Wake Ďem Up!: How to Use Humor and Other Professional Techniques to Create Alarmingly Good Business Presentations

Wake Ďem Up teaches you to be irresistible as a presenter. Also, Foreword by: 
Mark Victor Hansen,Co-author of the #1 New York Times Best-selling series, Chicken Soup for the Soul

Mastering the skills in Tomís book will virtually guarantee that you will always be in demand as a speaker. Also, Backword by: 
Dottie Walters, President, Walters International Speakers Bureau, Co-author Speak and Grow Rich

At Hawaiian Tropic we believe that fun and excitement keep our corporate staff and distributors productive. Tom can teach you how to create this excitement every time you address a group.
Ron Rice, Owner and Founder, Hawaiian Tropic/Tanning Research Labs., Inc.

Tomís materials will cut five years of a speakerís learning curve. 
Cavett Robert, Founder and Chairman Emeritus, National Speakers Association

In Wake Ďem Up, Tom Antion teaches us how to get our message across, do it with humor, and keep the audience awake all at the same time. Thatís great, although Iíve learned through experience that when Iím not doing 1 and 2, I prefer that the audience doze off. It makes my getaway easier.
Gene Perrett, Author and head comedy writer for Bob Hope

Tom Antion has mastered the art of communicating in an interesting and humorous fashion. His book Wake Ďem Up is a how to and what not to do for speakers. Itís a great read for presenters who have been in front of audiences for years as well as those folks just starting out. Hat's off to Tom for a job well done!
David Kliman, President,Meeting Professionals International

When I recruited Tom Antion to play for the West Virginia University Mountaineers in the early 70's, he was an exciting high school football player. It doesnít surprise me that heís turned into such an exciting professional speaker. His book Wake Ďem Up will teach you how to create excitement when you speak to any size group. I use some of his tips in my own speaking engagements.
Bobby Bowden, Head Football Coach Florida State University

This book gives you advanced presentations skills and humor training that would otherwise take you years to learn. Itís an absolute must-read for anyone who wants to be a fantastic presenter.
Patricia Fripp, Past president & first woman president of the National Speakers Association

We live in a world of entertainment. If you have hard hitting business content and need a way to inject appropriate humor to keep people with you, this is the book that will teach you how to do it.
Bob Pike, CSP The Trainerís Trainer, Editor Creative Training Techniques Newsletter, 
President Creative Training Techniques Companies

Anyone who has ever been in one of Tom Antionís audiences would attest that Tom clearly practices what he preaches! In this informative and enjoyable book, youíll find dozens of practical tips, tools, and techniques that will show you that learning can be fun! Enjoy Wake Ďem Up. I know you will.
Edward E. Scannell, CMP, CSP Co-author Games Trainers Play series Past National President, American Society of Training and Development, Meeting Professionals International and the National Speakers Association

Wake Ďem Up provides solid tips for all those who want to perfect their presentation skills. Tom shares the secrets of top professionals on how to convey business information with maximum excitement and good humor. Iíve written 52 books. I wish I could say I wrote this one. Itís a winner!
Larry Wilde, Author, and motivational humorist, Director, The Carmel Institute of Humor

Wake Ďem Up is a great book for the novice and old pro alike. Iíve been on the circuit for over 20 years and gleaned a number of valuable tips. More importantly, the book leaves nothing to chance for a presenter or speaker wishing to enhance their skills and deliver humor like it should be done. This book is a must.
Floyd Wickman, CSP, CPAE, Speaker and author of Mentoring: A Guide for Mentors and Proteges,Owner of the world-famous Sweathog Real Estate Seminars

In my 25 years with Marriott, I have seen countless presentations from all types of potential vendors, executives and trainers. If these people had used Tomís book Wake Ďem Up as their guide, their presentations would undoubtably have made a bigger impact on me.
Roger J. Dow, Vice President, General Sales Manager, Marriott Lodging

Las Vegas, the Community of the Future was built on excitement. To help people in your community or organization create dreams and visions of a better tomorrow you must be able to instill the same kind of excitement in them. Tomís book teaches you the art AND science of doing just that. His tips have helped me enormously.
John OíReilly, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Greater Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, Chairman/CEO, Keefer, OíReilly, Ferrario & Lubbers, Attorneys. and OíReilly Gaming Group providing consultation, development, and new product representation.

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