Most massive keyword spam I've seen in 16 years on the Internet

I teach reputation management as part of my Internet training, but in my opinion no legitimate person would have to go to these lengths unless they knew they were doing something wrong.

In an effort to bury true ripoff and scam reports about himself I believe James Malinchak has undertaken one of the largest projects I've seen in keyword spamming on the terms "ripoff" and "scam".

Just type either one of these terms into Google and see hundreds of self generated instances of James Malinchak connected to the words "ripoff" and "scam"
Here are the terms to Google:

"James Malinchak ripoff"     or    "James Malinchak scam"

Here are explanations of the types of things James Malinchak is doing:

  • He's using those terms in supposed articles to teach people how to avoid "ripoff" and "scam" seminars, speakers and trainers.

  • He is shooting videos of himself or video testimonials while people are excited at his seminars and then tags them with the terms "ripoff" and "scam" even though the video has nothing to do with ripoffs and scams. He's either posting these on his site or getting the person in the video to post it on their site. There are tons of these out there on youtube and vimeo
    (He'll probably take this one down) Here's an example of hiding the misleading keywords in the description.

  • Below he is using social networks for no other purpose than to keyword stuff "ripoff" and "scam". A perfect example is his Myspace account. This account has no friends and no activity other than to force the words "ripoff" and "scam" two places on the page. In case someone suddenly accidentally, only-because-they-got-caught-doing-it decides to populate this site with real information, I have included a screen capture of what I'm talking about.
(see below)


No Content on this MySpace page except James Malinchak tied to the terms "Rip Off" and "Scam"

Secret Millionaire James Malinchak MySpace

  • Below is an example of his own employee who lives in a house he (James Malinchak) owns praising him . . . and, of course, using the terms "ripoff" and "scam" in the posting. Check the arrow in the first line of the next to the last paragraph and of course, I've included a screen capture less this posting mysteriously disappear.

Jabez Lebret on James Malinchak

  • Below you see he makes totally worthless blog postings (note "ripoff" and "scam" in the url and tag archive)  

James Malinchak Worthless Websites

Below is one of my favorite worthless blogs started March 2, 2011

James Malinchak Worthless Blog

According to the Federal Trade Commission these kinds of marketing practices are considered unethical at best and illegal at worst. Although I heard that TV Reality Star James Malinchak has been bragging in open forums that this practice is a good idea. I beg to differ. Basically this is spamming. Hmmmmmmm. Spamming I think that's illegal nowadays. Maybe he didn't hear about it with his head up so many other celebrities butts.

According to the research done by the very outspoken proprietor of the website The FTC doesn't take too kindly to this and made it clear in their ruling against somebody that did a similar thing. You can see the complete ruling under the FTC link and see more examples right under the first video at the Droid's site.

Stop and think for yourself:

  • Would a legitimate company go this far to protect themselves from being called a "ripoff" or a "scammer"? I don't know. I've never worked with anyone in the over 1000 students I've had and sixteen years on the Internet.

  • Do you know anyone who does business on the web that has gone to these great lengths?

  • Would you go to these lengths, or would you spend your time taking proper care of people that trusted in you? . . . That's what I do.

    To roughly quote Shakespeare about spending so much time pretending NOT to be a ripoff:

    "The TV Reality Star doth protest too much, methinks."

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