The Basics of Presentation Skills and Public Speaking

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Basic Presentation Skills
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In these changing times, one thing is constant: people with the skill and courage to present information and ideas effectively have the power to persuade, motivate and make things

    Much of your success in making presentations has to do with knowing what to do and when to do it. This public speaking and presentation skills seminar will teach you specific techniques that ANYONE can use to create and deliver interesting, clear and persuasive presentations.

    Attendees will learn how to:

    • Overcome the anxiety and fear of speaking to groups of all sizes.
    • Make themselves believable and credible in front of any audience.
    • Create impressive and understandable visual aids.
    • Spice up boring, dry or technical material.
    • Set-up the presentation room for maximum effectiveness.
    • Use appropriate and well-placed humor.
    • Keep interest during the entire session.
    • Use simple techniques to deal with negative or hostile audiences.
    • Find and use quotes and anecdotes to drive home key points.
    • Say and do the right thing when something goes wrong.
    • Properly use microphones and audio-visual equipment.
    • Expertly handle Q & A sessions.

    Your presentation skills and public speaking program will be customized to exactly suit your organization.

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    What Clients Say... [IMAGE]

    "Tom's program gave our staff not only the skills but the confidence to make major-league presentations."
    John Brandt, Editor in Chief
    Industry Week Magazine

    "Your program was well structured and packed with useful tips. We are already changing our seminars as a result. I can't wait for part two in September."

David Halperin, Director of Marketing
Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority

"Tom opened up a whole new world for me. I feel more confident in every area of my personal and professional life."

Sue Cummings, Director of Marketing
National Energy Management Institute.

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The sky's the limit when you have good
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Photo of Tom AntionTo have a successful business, your employees must be able to express themselves with clarity and confidence. Your business or department will enjoy immediate benefits from applying the powerful and proven techniques taught at this seminar. Your attendees will also receive a valuable workbook and reference materials related to the seminar so they will always have somewhere to turn when the time comes to prepare a presentation. About Tom Antion Image



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