Executive Speech Coaching
When what you say could mean millions!

You didn't get to be a top executive by umming and ahhing through your business presentations. You're probably already a decent speaker. Why should you bother with individual presentation skills coaching?

Here's why: Whether you are a CEO or up-and-coming vice president, your competition is stiff. All of your peers are good communicators. It takes extra effort to show you are a visionary leader both inside your company and when representing your company to the world.

"Until I met Tom, I didn't know what I didn't know about being a speaker."
Carl Marino
Publisher, Industry Week Magazine

You will get:

  • Individual instruction that matches your style.
  • A program designed to fit your available time schedule.
  • Freeze-Frame Video Feedback training so you can see how your audience really sees you.
  • Post training support via phone, fax & E-Mail so you'll never be alone when it comes time to deliver your vision.
  • Confidential presentation critiques to constantly tweak your performance.


Your instruction will be done personally by one of the country's top presentation skills coaches Tom Antion. Tom didn't just read about presenting out of a book. He wrote the book after delivering over 2000 entertaining and informative presentations. Call him today to discuss your needs.

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What Clients Say... [IMAGE]
"After working with Tom I have a whole new outlook on preparing for presentations."
Judith O'Connor, President & CEO
National Center for Nonprofit Boards

"Las Vegas, the Community of the Future was built on excitement. To help people in your community or organization create dreams and visions of a better tomorrow you must be able to instill the same kind of excitement. Tom teaches you the art AND science of doing just that. His tips have helped me enormously."
John O'Reilly, Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Greater Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce
Chairman/CEO Keefer, O'Reilly, Ferrario & Lubbers Attorneys

"WOW! You were right on target with your analysis of my keynote address. The changes you suggested worked like magic in my very next speech. Thanks again for your insight and excellent diagnosis."
Pat Haggerty, Professional Speaker

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